I set up my personal website about two years ago, to be more exact, November 5, 2016. But what does it mean? It just means I have waste too much time on it.

Why ‘waste’? It is because that I did not run in a correct way. I did not spend time writing meaningful articles. Instead, I spent lots of time searching for a good domain name for my website, changing the servers from time to time… I did not write something really valuable. I just talked about the things of life. No specific topic.

So, I have decided to rebuild my tiny home on the Internet. Here is what I plan to do:

New but also the last domain

I registered yesterday. I hope that it is also my last newly-registered domain name. I have no passion for earning money by selling domain names, I registered all my domain names for myself. I think is a perfect name for setting up my personal brand.

Also, I registered the day before yesterday. It can help keep visitors from missing my website by missing a dot.

Avoid meaningless changes of servers

For the past two years, I have changed the locations of my websites for MANY times, from Qingdao to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong, to Arizona, from Arizona, back to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong, to Shenzhen, finally settled in Shanghai…

Although I knew that it is not a good habit, I just could not help doing so. If I spent time learning server knowledge rather than changing servers, I can surely obtain huge progress.

So, I decide not to make meaningless change of servers, ever.

Be more personal

Yes, I did say that my website should not just talk about the things of my life. But I also believe that my website should be more PERSONAL, or , it should be my personal brand more. Of course I can write the things of my life here, but I think I should write the SPECIAL ones.

Besides, I think I should focus more on my major, Computer Science. Since I decided CS to be my major, it has been part of PAN CHEN. Writing articles about CS can show my skills, also my personal brand.

Be more patient

I hardly spent more than one hour on a single article. I think it time to make some changes. I should be more patient. I need to know that the process of writing an article is not something terrible but happy. If I think writing an article is really awful, there is no reason for keeping the website any longer.

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