Three Years in FZYZ: Preface


One year ago, I was still in my 12th grade. With the purpose of keeping my memories about my high school time in my mind for years, I launched this blog and  wrote down the past events I still remembered happening in my high school – Fuzhou No.1 Middle School (FZYZ).

And now, one year has passed. I have left FZYZ for a really long time. Those who were my juniors, are now others’ seniors. They are also preparing for Gaokao, and then leave the school we are so familiar with.

Maybe it is the taste of growing up.

So, I hope that before the memories fade away, I could note down as many events as possible. Even though what I note down might be meaningless to others.

March 29th, 2018

Chen Pan From Shenyang

Preface: Second Edition

The name of Tony Blair’s autobiography is The Journey. Yes, I believe that our life consists of countless journeys, long or short, maybe just a chat in a bus. And my Chinese teacher in middle school said just before Zhongkao’s day, “I could only help you get to this station, you should get to the destination by yourself.”

It is very fortunate that we can experience endless journeys in our life. However, it is inevitable that we all get old one day, and our memories will fade away sooner or later. Time will blur our friends, happiness, sadness…… And every time after we finish one trip, we will start another trip immediately, it is very hard for us to keep our memories for a long time.

I feel very regretful that I have not developed that habit of keeping diaries, or maybe I just do not stick to doing that. Now I am just 18 years old but the past events in my life have already been unclear to some extent.

But luckily, at the time I am going to say goodbye to FZYZ and go to university, I make a decision to write down my trip in FZYZ in this blog.

Of course, I should say thanks to FZYZ for giving me three-year memories. Under the Mingyang Mount, I have both the sweetest and the most embarrassing moments, some of the memories might be very bitter, but it is truly why my memories in FZYZ is so worth remembering.

Preface: First Edition

In my hometown, FZYZ, my high school, which will be 200 years old in the coming year, enjoys very high reputation. When we talk about FZYZ there, most of us will say:

  1. The students are extremely self-discipline.
  2. All students do very well in academy.


  1. I am not those who can control themselves well.
  2. I do not do every well in academy, at least compared to other students in FZYZ.

Based on what I said above, my views about FZYZ might be very subjective. But I am confident that FZYZ in my eyes is not FZYZ in parallel world, but 99% real. FZYZ is the place where my sweetness and bitterness happen. There, I have the best moments but also worst experiences.

本文已有中文版:旅途:福一三年 Three Years In FZYZ

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