WordPress New Default Theme Twenty Nineteen has a bug

Today is the birthday of WordPress 5.0 as well as its default theme Twenty Nineteen. As a WordPress lover, I updated my Chinese & International websites immediately after it was launched and I changed the theme to Twenty Nineteen for my Chinese version website.

However, there is a bug. This bug cost me nearly 2 hours to find out ‘why’. I shouldn’t update my website today, I have three exams coming… But I finally found out ‘why’. See below.

The problem is, in mobile devices, if I press the hyperlinks, for example, the titles of posts, I will be redirected to the hyperlink immediately, although my hand does not leave the screen. 

First I thought it might be incompatibility between one or some of my plugins and the new theme itself. However, after I uninstalled all plugins. Bug still existed…

Finally, after I created a new WordPress website and created a primary menu, without doing anything else, the bug just appears! So, I come to the conclusion that Twenty Nineteen may have some issues on its menus.

But I still love “Bebo”, new Gutenberg editor and Twenty Nineteen. I do not have plans to switch the theme to Isola for my Chinese version website. I just hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible.

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