Linguistics Review List

Phonetics and Phonology (easy):

  1. IPA chart.
  2. Midsagittal diagram.

Morphology and Syntax (Midterm is a good exercise):

  1. Morpheme boundaries with a word.
  2. Whether the morphemes have multiple allomorphs.
  3. What meaning each morpheme/word corresponds to.
  4. Positions the various syntactic constituents and categories have within a sentence
  5. Translate other languages into English and vice versa.


  1. Identify various kinds of meanings.
  2. How implicatures are generated by the Gricean Maxims.

Sign Language:

  1. Similarities and difference between sign language and spoken language.
  2. Concepts, history, and culture of sign languages.

Language changes:

  1. Classify different types of semantics changes.
  2. The basic methodology for how we can work backward to make educated guesses about the structure of older forms of language (Proto-language).
  3. The Indo-European language family.
  4. Basic terms about writing systems, as well as their general historical development.


  1. How and why languages vary.
  2. Some of the broader variational patterns in general North American English and Canadian English.

Language Endangerment:

  1. How and why languages die.
  2. The importance of documenting and revitalizing languages.
  3. Tools to document and revitalize languages.
  4. ajor plot points, themes, and facts from The Linguists.

WordPress New Default Theme Twenty Nineteen has a bug

Today is the birthday of WordPress 5.0 as well as its default theme Twenty Nineteen. As a WordPress lover, I updated my Chinese & International websites immediately after it was launched and I changed the theme to Twenty Nineteen for my Chinese version website.

However, there is a bug. This bug cost me nearly 2 hours to find out ‘why’. I shouldn’t update my website today, I have three exams coming… But I finally found out ‘why’. See below.

The problem is, in mobile devices, if I press the hyperlinks, for example, the titles of posts, I will be redirected to the hyperlink immediately, although my hand does not leave the screen. 

First I thought it might be incompatibility between one or some of my plugins and the new theme itself. However, after I uninstalled all plugins. Bug still existed…

Finally, after I created a new WordPress website and created a primary menu, without doing anything else, the bug just appears! So, I come to the conclusion that Twenty Nineteen may have some issues on its menus.

But I still love “Bebo”, new Gutenberg editor and Twenty Nineteen. I do not have plans to switch the theme to Isola for my Chinese version website. I just hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible.

Next theme for my website

Last year, I chose Isola as the theme for my website for 2018. And now, I am considering about choosing Twenty Nineteen as the theme for 2019.
I have changed the theme for English version, for Chinese version it is still Isola. I think Twenty Nineteen is a clean, elegant theme. But I think I should do something to make a better menus. (Hope the developers will do it for me.)

How Do Spammers Find My Website?

I have received some spams in this website, but I am very curious about how these spammers find my website.

The domain name of this website is See it? It is a .name domain, not very popular now. And it is a second-level domain name. Therefore I do not know how these guys find is an active website and then send spam comments.

New Challenge

About four months ago I decided to join University of Toronto, starting the new chapter of my life. And now I am here, Toronto.

I know what this decision means to me. I do not come here for enjoying life but for a better ME. I will have a hard time to get accustomed to the new life here, but I think I am going to make it. I am 20 years old now, it is time for me to write a new story.

First Parade In My Life

Today, my UofT orientation week keeps going. I joined the Parade together with many many new (college) students.

It’s very exciting. I have never seen such parade before, let alone been one of the parade myself. Although this parade maybe just about fun&happiness, it is really unforgettable to me.

When we were on the streets, many passengers looked at us, using their phones to recorded what we were doing, what we were saying. Some drivers even honked to celebrate our parade. We were just like the football team who won the World Cup and then went back home.

The most expensive miketea I have ever drunk

In China, the usual price of miketea is from ¥10 – ¥20. So, it is not a very heavy burden to miketea lovers like me.

But today, I drank my first cup of bubble miketea in Canada, $6, including tax. So expensive! It is the most expensive miketea I have ever drunk, almost ¥32.

So, I know a very cruel fact that, maybe I could drink mike tea once a week, or maybe less. Too expensive miketea is here.

Three Years in FZYZ: Preface


One year ago, I was still in my 12th grade. With the purpose of keeping my memories about my high school time in my mind for years, I launched this blog and  wrote down the past events I still remembered happening in my high school – Fuzhou No.1 Middle School (FZYZ).

And now, one year has passed. I have left FZYZ for a really long time. Those who were my juniors, are now others’ seniors. They are also preparing for Gaokao, and then leave the school we are so familiar with.

Maybe it is the taste of growing up.

So, I hope that before the memories fade away, I could note down as many events as possible. Even though what I note down might be meaningless to others.

March 29th, 2018

Chen Pan From Shenyang

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I set up my personal website about two years ago, to be more exact, November 5, 2016. But what does it mean? It just means I have waste too much time on it.

Why ‘waste’? It is because that I did not run in a correct way. I did not spend time writing meaningful articles. Instead, I spent lots of time searching for a good domain name for my website, changing the servers from time to time… I did not write something really valuable. I just talked about the things of life. No specific topic.

So, I have decided to rebuild my tiny home on the Internet. Here is what I plan to do:

New but also the last domain

I registered yesterday. I hope that it is also my last newly-registered domain name. I have no passion for earning money by selling domain names, I registered all my domain names for myself. I think is a perfect name for setting up my personal brand.

Also, I registered the day before yesterday. It can help keep visitors from missing my website by missing a dot.

Avoid meaningless changes of servers

For the past two years, I have changed the locations of my websites for MANY times, from Qingdao to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong, to Arizona, from Arizona, back to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong, to Shenzhen, finally settled in Shanghai…

Although I knew that it is not a good habit, I just could not help doing so. If I spent time learning server knowledge rather than changing servers, I can surely obtain huge progress.

So, I decide not to make meaningless change of servers, ever.

Be more personal

Yes, I did say that my website should not just talk about the things of my life. But I also believe that my website should be more PERSONAL, or , it should be my personal brand more. Of course I can write the things of my life here, but I think I should write the SPECIAL ones.

Besides, I think I should focus more on my major, Computer Science. Since I decided CS to be my major, it has been part of PAN CHEN. Writing articles about CS can show my skills, also my personal brand.

Be more patient

I hardly spent more than one hour on a single article. I think it time to make some changes. I should be more patient. I need to know that the process of writing an article is not something terrible but happy. If I think writing an article is really awful, there is no reason for keeping the website any longer.